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The extrusion line is imported synchronously from leading European countries in extrusion technology such as Spain

VPS’s aluminum billet is completely imported from Malaysia and Korea (Sumitomo)

At VPS, we aim to the standardization of technology and materials. However, we also have a mission to serve the community with our products and services. Contact us today for the latest quote!

Achieved not only international construction standards such as: AAMA, GSB, Qualicoat, JIS H4100, ASTM B221M, BS 1474, QCVN 16/2014 BXD, TCVN9366-2:2012; VFS is also certified by prestigious organization for quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards.


Billet in used must be homogenized, so its mechanical and physical properties are always guaranteed and uniform on every cm of product. When non-homogenized billet is used (which is used in most of Vietnamese factories currently), mechanical and physical properties of the product are not uniform, which is equivalent to the product quality not meeting the standards when tested at quality inspection centers.