Aluminum alloys:

6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082

Outstanding advantages:

Light, durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic

Machine system:

100% synchronously imported


100% imported (Malaysia, Japan)

In the past, architects and homeowners were often hesitant to use aluminum and glass doors for fear of lack of privacy, high cost, and danger in use, etc. These weaknesses have now been overcome by manufacturers. by combining the door with curtains, blinds; thus increasing aesthetics; creating visual effects; cutting down price; and guaranteeing safety thanks to advanced tempered glass technology.

Modern architects prefer to use large and transparent glass doors, bringing open views and natural light to the house.To ensure the aesthetics and sustainability of the project, it is necessary to be meticulous when choosing aluminum and glass doors.

According to experts of Viet France Aluminum, there are many factors that determine the quality of aluminum and glass doors. They are: installation and production engineering (25%); hardware accessories, glasses, glue, gaskets (20%); paint quality (10%); structural composition and thickness of the aluminum profile (15%). usage environment (15%), etc.


Tempered glass, thick aluminum both have long service life and resistance to dents or cracks due to external circumstances.Directly imported aluminum doors are often more expensive than processed aluminum, but sophisticated design and high quality are guaranteed. At Viet France Aluminum, our products are made from aluminum profiles with materials imported 100% from leading countries in the industry such as Press Metal (Malaysia) and Sumitomo (Japan). In addition, our powder coating system as well as paint materials are also fully imported and have a warranty period of up to 20 years.


In addition to the thickness of the aluminum frame and glass, attention should be paid to the durability and safety of the attached accessories. Rubber gaskets, handles, etc; need to open and close smoothly and to withstand high intensity of use in order to ensure 10 years without damage.


Quality aluminum and glass doors need good processing technology, modern machines and high techniques. Handmade products have the advantage of cost, but are prone to errors such as being unable to close tightly, limited soundproof, heat insulation, poor aesthetics, poor bearing capacity, and can be easily deformed by wind or external forces. VPS’s management has focused on synchronous investment in aluminum door processing machinery, which you can see more here.


Many homeowners said that they do not know how to distinguish and value products by appearance.Therefore, going to a big aluminum brand in the industry with many years of experience is a good thing to do. At VPS, we always want to listen to your opinions and are ready to answer any questions from our customers. Click here to contact us!!