Aluminum alloys:

6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082

Outstanding advantages:

Light, durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic

Machine system:

100% synchronously imported


100% imported (Malaysia, Japan)

From heavy-duty trucks to sports sedans, aluminum is becoming the “hottest” metal in the auto industry. It is commonly known that aluminum is a light metal. But lighter cars can also be safer cars, and safety is the most important factor in car design and customer choice.

Kinetic energy absorption

Aluminum has a greater malleability than steel. It is this malleability that gives this metal a better “break zone response”. It also has a density around one third that of steel. The American Aluminum Association states that, in pounds, light metals absorb twice as much impact energy as steel and play a more vital role in the event of an accident. This is a significant benefit. A lighter vehicle also offers advantages in stopping distance, handling ability and performance. Lighter cars are easier to navigate and align, so when things go wrong on the road, you can significantly avoid collisions.

Aluminum is more than just aluminum

It has many different shapes and levels. By tailoring the physical properties of the metal, Viet France Aluminum can provide car manufacturers with the ability to choose optimized aluminum alloys to suit every requirement, application and function. These automotive alloys are defined in strength grades such as C20, C24, C28 – and soon C32 alloy. The most commonly used alloys in car manufacturing are of the 6000 series, and even to some extent the 7000 series.

Aluminum in the future of electric vehicles in Vietnam

The future of automobile as well as motorcycle manufacturing is electric vehicles. Viet Phap Shal Aluminum is proud to play a role in that bright future with the excellent properties of its aluminum products using international standard technology and machine systems, which are imported synchronously. The strong àvantages of aluminum products of Viet Phap Shal Aluminum are strongly applied in the processing of heat sink details, battery packs, wiring systems as well as some chassis details, etc.