Aluminum alloys:

6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082

Outstanding advantages:

Light, durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic

Machine system:

100% synchronously imported


100% imported (Malaysia, Japan)

Aluminum has been used as a conductive material in almost all branches of electrical engineering. In addition to pure aluminum, some of its alloys are also excellent conductors of electricity, which makes aluminum a combination of structural strength with quite acceptable electrical conductivity.

Aluminum is almost everywhere in the electrical industry: Motors with aluminum winding, high voltage lines, and even the power lines in your home’s cỉrcuit breaker box can all be aluminum.

Applications of aluminum in VPS’s products


Aluminum has been used for busbars since 60 years ago and started to have a breakthrough from 1960 onwards. Aluminum is used more and more for many applications in manufacturing and busbar applications due to its light weight and its durability.


Tubular aluminum is used exclusively for substation busbars at 275kV and 400kV and is increasingly used at 132kV for substation renovation and redevelopment.


Aluminum is used in large industrial plants equipped with many furnaces and electrochemical plants because of the availability of large cross-section cast bars (up to 600mm × 150mm). Aluminum is also used in switchgear and main systems because of its lighter weight compared to copper.

Power cable

Aluminum is widely used in the cable manufacturing industry with cross-sections of 16mm2 used in power cables 66kV and above. Aluminum is not usually found in indoor grid systems due to concerns about the durability of the wire junctions.

Overhead power line

Aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable is used worldwide for power grid systems.


Overhead aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable has been used more and more since 1960 because it eliminates the risk of bimetallic corrosion and improves conductivity for a given cross-section. the risk of bimetallic corrosion and improving conductivity for a given cross-section. Overhead aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable is also being favored and trusted by railway operators for overhead power grid systems because of their lower weight and reduced risk of theft compared to copper.