Aluminum alloys:

6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082

Outstanding advantages:

Light, durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic

Machine system:

100% synchronously imported


100% imported (Malaysia, Japan)

Aluminum is an important component used in the communication industry. In this article, Viet Phap Shal Aluminum will present some clear uses and the importance of this metal in the telecommunications industry as well as the strengths of Viet Phap Shal aluminum products when applied to this highly complex industry.

Telecommunications cable

Aluminum alloy conductors are used for communication cables. Aluminum-iron-magnesium are excellent conductors of electricity and currently used in a number of applications in the cable industry. In addition, since aluminum is a light metal, its application is easier and more cost-effective.

Space satellite

Though not known by everyone, however, let consider satellite as the backbone of the worldwide communication network. If the world’s satellites were to fail for any reason, the state of communication networks around the world would be completely paralyzed. And of course, one of the most important ingredients in satellite construction is aluminum.


The power of this metal is reaching far. Though it is an important part of satellite construction, its use goes far beyond that. How do satellites go to space? They are put into orbit via space rockets. And what is one of the most important building materials for space rockets that send satellites into space? Again, the answer is aluminum!

Satellite dish

The aluminum satellite dish has the function of receiving signals from satellites. Satellite dishes made from aluminum provide outstanding anti-corrosion performance, thanks to aluminum reflectors and stainless steel screws. The above mentioned satellite dishes are also lighter in weight and cheaper than dishes made from other metals.