Aluminum alloys:

6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082

Outstanding advantages:

Light, durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic

Machine system:

100% synchronously imported


100% imported (Malaysia, Japan)

Synchronous extrusion line with a total capacity of 1200 tons/month, capable of producing shaped aluminum profiles with a length of up to 12.5m. Especially, the 8″ extrusion system – imported synchronously from the world famous brand KAUTEC (Spain) – with high automation features capable of creating quality products with many outstanding features and advantages, such as:


Hot billet shearing technology and entering the billet into the front of the extrusion die (the popular technology used in Vietnam is to enter the billet from  the back of the extrusion die). This technology not only minimizes machine downtime but also minimizes the possibility of billet being not concentric or bent in extrusion die, which cause the bubble defect in the finished products. Product recovery rate reaches 90% to 95%


Technology to control temperature during the whole extrusion process in order to achieve an uniform hardness from billet, extrusion die to the final products. Ensure the extrusion of demanding industrial products using special aluminum alloys.


The hydraulic system of the machine is made by the world famous REXROTH brand together with the extrusion experts from TECALEX and KAUTEC to ensure stability throughout the whole extrusion process


The software system is optimally programmed from the first stage of billet shearing to the last stage of the extrusion process (aging phase) in order to make it easier for worker to operate.

Engineers will be in charge of setting parameters for each product in the extrusion system, workers are responsible for operating and monitoring only; thus minimizing uneven quality of extrusion products.


The furnace has many different aging modes (each with its own technology and know-how) for multiple different aluminum alloys, thus the hardness of final products is always higher than that of a traditional furnace. The temperature is maintained at a uniform level throughout the whole aging furnace (±1oC). Products of this system were used by Apple to make iPhone cases.


Size of the extrusion product can be widest up to 230 mm and highest up to 100 mm. Extrusion and aging length up to 12.5 m. Different aging treatment modes of T4, T5, T6.


With more than 15 years’ worth of experience in operating and managing the extrusion system for special industrial aluminum alloy products, European experts working at the factory are imparting their knowledge and experience to the engineers to bring products to the quality standards of European countries.